The registration process for obtaining a .POST domain name is available at Registration Overview.

You must have a .POST Community ID to apply for a domain name.  You can get your Community ID here.

Once a .POST Community ID has been issued, a domain name can be requested. Domain name applications will be posted for a minimum of a 30 day public comment period at this URL in accordance with the Domain Name Policy. Updates to this table are regularly scheduled to occur every Tuesday absent extenuating circumstances.

The UPU verifies that the application meets the .POST policy requirements.
Applications that meet the conditions are published for a period of 30 days, during which objections ( or competing applications can be submitted (
You will find a list of applications for domain names below.  The list is in principle updated every Tuesday. However, there may be a delay during public holidays.

Domain Name


Date Applied

Status UPU 25/September/2020 Validated United States Postal Service 24/September/2020 Approved  Zimbabwe Post 7/August/2020 Approved Poste Maroc 8/April/2020 Approved Poste Maroc 8/April/2020 Approved Saudi Post 7/April/2020 Approved Saudi Post 7/April/2020 Approved Poste Maroc 2/April/2020 Approved UPU 17/March/2020 Approved Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı (PTT) 18/February/2020 Approved Poste Maroc 18/November/2019 Approved