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The .post group manages the development and steers the future direction of the UPU’s sponsored  top-level domain name.

The group implements the vision of the .post platform and promotes cooperation among its members to develop common or interoperable electronic applications over the platform.

It fosters the development of innovative .post applications and ensures that least developed and developing countries also have access to a universal electronic postal infrastructure.

Full membership to the group is open to UPU member countries, their designated operators and UPU restricted unions.

Private-sector companies in the .post sponsored community may join as associate members and receive observer status.

By joining the .post group, organizations have a unique opportunity to participate in the development of .post, the next-generation postal network, and applications created for it.

“.post is the place for postal organizations to work together to provide trusted information … Everything on .post is based on agreements between UPU member countries. That’s an incredibly strong asset and it should not be underestimated.”

Sander Hart de Ruyter, Information Manager, International Mail, PostNL

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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018