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In the physical world, Posts offer a range of services that come with recognized value features such as proof of delivery that stand up in a court of law.
Now, Posts are looking to transfer these values to equivalent e-services. And while such services exist at the domestic level, making them operable at the international level is another matter. 
The .post platform provides the ability to extend that reach.
Several Posts are working hard to bring to market an international version of Postal Registered eMail, using the .post platform for guaranteed security and interoperability.
“Postal Registered eMail sets itself apart from conventional electronic mail by providing ironclad security across borders and a trail of evidence that would hold up in courts internationally, an important consideration for businesses.”
Giovanni Brardinoni, Director, Standards and International Products, Postecom, a subsidiary of Poste Italiane
Connect postal e-services globally
Global Track and Trace is a unique service application developed by the Universal Postal Union’s Postal Technology Centre.
Posts without an online track-and-trace service can imbed this application on their websites, thus enabling customers to search for the delivery status of their items travelling through the global postal network.
Posts can literally offer a new and valuable service to customers within minutes. Not only does it enhance the customer experience, but it reduces customer enquiries and raises efficiency.
The application resides on the .post platform, guaranteeing that information obtained about items comes from a legitimate source.
“If we can integrate our different track-and-trace platforms into one, then we can serve our customers better …We think the future will be based on one platform and .post offers us the security to exchange cross-border registered letters, for example."  
Chum Choy Han, Chief Operating Officer, Pos Malaysia International
Boost cross-border e-commerce
Cross-border e-commerce requires high levels of trust. Trust in the online shop and its products, trust in the information being provided and trust in payment options. Consumers also want to know ahead of time about any shipping and handling costs associated with cross-border sales. Posts already play a vital role in domestic e-commerce as the delivers of choice for goods ordered online. They can authenticate companies, verify addresses, handle payments and deliveries, and manage information-exchange along the supply chain.
.post is the platform to link these domestic services globally, allowing consumers in Italy to find a trusted seller of tulips in the Netherlands, pay in local currency and get full details about the total cost and delivery from the Post they know and trust.
“The next generation of the mail business is in the e-commerce space. We see .post as a bigger version of Posopay, our online purchasing portal, but with added functionality and security because of its exclusiveness. This will assure our customers, domestic and international, that whatever they get through Botswana Post on .post is safe and reliable and authentic. The real thing!”
Ogone Oscar Mokoko Gaboutloeloe, Head of Government, Regulatory and International Affairs, Botswana Post
Deliver e-government everywhere, anywhere
Governments struggle with various challenges, including how to provide the universal service obligation in the face of postal-sector liberalization and how to reach their mobile citizens everywhere in the world.
To improve their efficiency, they are increasingly turning to e-government.
Posts have been supporting the delivery of physical government services for years. They remain natural partners for providing digital ones on behalf of governments.
As a secure and trusted top-level domain, .post can be an important tool to deliver these, backed by verified identities and trusted e-communication services from the Post.
And all e-postal services on the .post platform are supported by regulations and standards set by the Universal Postal Union.
“Pos Malaysia has already developed several e-services, and .post is going to enhance these. The role of Malaysia’s government and regulator is to assist the postal operator in fulfilling its obligation and modernizing its services for citizens. And that is the essence of why we are interested in .post.”
Mohd Zaidi Abdul Karim, Head of Postal Regulation and Digital Signature, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018