Top Security Ensures Legitimacy

The business environment is changing constantly. Electronic substitution is eroding traditional mail volumes, and the recent financial and economic crisis has accelerated this trend. Posts have to be innovative to adapt to the new reality, developing electronic services to meet their customers’evolving needs.
But security issues hamper the development of fully trusted online services or the growth of international trade and e-commerce. Customers want security on the Internet. With .post, postal-service providers now have a platform to provide secure online services and maintain customers’ trust.
.post was launched as one of the most secure top-level domains on the Internet. Its security is strengthened by using Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), a security upgrade at the top of the domain name system to protect Internet users from online fraud or cybercrimes. 
With .post, customers are assured they are dealing with legitimate postal sites.
“.post includes the strongest security precautions ever incorporated in a top-level domain. When someone goes to a .post site, they are guaranteed not be diverted to a phishing or criminal site. This will be critical to the anticipated financial applications of .post.”
Ram Mohan,
Executive Vice-President & Chief Technology Officer, Afilias Inc


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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 2018