Tanzania Posts Corporation

The e-commerce website offers a big opportunity to Small and Medium Enterprises to sell their products in Tanzania Posts trusted website.  It also provides various facilities like tracking customers order online, viewing order dispatch, paying online through Bank, Mobile and Credit Card (VISA) and transactional details. The benefits are:

.             Positive impact on the provision of the Postal Services are accessible to all people in the United Republic of Tanzania and Government.

.             Enabling rural and underserved communities to access online transactions and receives their products on time.

.             Enabling Tanzania Posts to share and integrate innovative solutions and   capabilities with other business entities.

.             It gives a big opportunity to Small and Medium Enterprises to integrate into the services of Tanzania Post.

.             Provides customers with access to a global track and trace application that allowing them to track items ordered through to final delivery.

.             Customers can be happy and increase their trust in e-commerce.

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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 2020