Why you should register a .POST domain

.POST is an exclusive and verified space on the Internet to the benefit of the global postal community, governed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) as specialized agency of the UN.

Having a .POST domain name gives you:


.POST domains provide a clear and unmistakable brand for the global postal stakeholder community as a trusted and reliable source of postal services online. A .POST domain raises the profile of your organization, extends it beyond national frontiers, and provides greater opportunities for growth.


You can trust a .POST domain. The UPU ensures that every registrant of .POST domains is verified and adheres to the rigorous security standards required for all .POST domains. .POST is 100% secured by Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), and is the most secure sTLD for postal services on the Iinternet.


.POST is designed to be a space for INNOVATION where the global postal stakeholder community can interconnect their domains and services in a safe and trusted environment, opening up the possibility for digital postal services and business models.